Shyamdas reads from Call of the Flute

Click here to visit our archive and listen to a newly added recording of Shyamdas reading from his book, The Call of the Flute (pp 25-50). We restored the sound from a more than 20 year old cassette tape as best as we could, and hope you will enjoy hearing the voice of a younger Shyamdas, exuberant as ever.

The content is of course brilliant. These are Shyamdas’ own favorite teachings: the Bhagavat Purana literature describing the Gopis’ love for Krishna, illuminated by the Subodhini commentary of Shyamdas’ chosen philosopher-guru, Shri Vallabhacharya.

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One comment on “Shyamdas reads from Call of the Flute
  1. srutiram says:

    Ahhhhhh!!!!!the very sound of his voice. As always , completely inspirational.
    “They found HIM wherever they looked”. The description of the true bhakta.

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