The Shyamdas Foundation is working to collect, edit, publish and preserve Shyamdas’s written and audio materials. Current projects include publishing new editions of out-of-print titles, completion of unfinished translations, generating e-books of previously published works, producing his last spoken audio-CD project, and creating a digital archive of his satsang programs. The digital archive features not only the works of Shyamdas himself, but also media about him (tributes, photos, memories, etc.) as well as media that Shyamdas, a dedicated amateur ethnographer, himself recorded during his many years in India. The digital archive is therefore an incipient resource that will provide entertainment, solace, joy, and research material for decades to come. Please join our efforts by browsing the digital archive, submitting your own media to be catalogued, and donating to support our archivists and technology fees. Hari OM!

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