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Jai Shri Radhe! Anyone who encountered Shyamdas knows he loved to feed others! It is at the heart of the compassionate, culinary, devotional tradition of Vaishnavism which he followed and shared. “Bhakti” after all comes from the Sanskrit root “bhaj” which means to “distribute, share.” Shyamdas’ lifelong friend and companion Mohan is thrilled to be administrating this new Shyamdas Foundation project distributing prasad (foods first offered to God) to locals, pilgrims and animals passing by the Mathuradheesh temple, where Shyamdas lived by the side of the Govardhan Hill, and the sacred town of Krishna’s childhood plays, Gokul, where Shyamdas also lived for many years.

If inspired to share prasad with others please do consider supporting this prasad project.


The Shyamdas Foundation proudly announces its prasad distribution program, led by Madan Mohan

Prasad Project 5

Prasad Project 8Mohan giving roti to dog in GokulPrasad Project 4Prasad Project 6Mohan feeding dog Gokul

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