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Archive Item Purushottama Sahasranama–Govardhan Lila, , , , , , , , ,

Shyamdas recounts the Govardhan Lila and elaborates on the subjects of worship, liberation, and devotion.

Panditji Vishnu Shastri — the Gitas of the Bhagavatam, ,

Shyamdas was a connoisseur of satsang, and he knew he had hit theĀ jackpot with Panditji, his satsang partner par excellence in India…

Panditji Vishnu Shastri — Shri Vallabh stotras, , , , ,

Panditji recites two famous stotras in praise of Vallabhacharya, Shyamdas recites a third at high speed

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