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Panditji Vishnu Shastri — Shri Vallabh stotras

Shyamdas was a connoisseur of satsang, and he knew he had hit the jackpot with Panditji, his satsang partner par excellence in India. A non-commercial, bhava-filled, indigenous, brilliant, humorous, good-natured scholar, Panditji is what Shyamdas would call a “monster” in knowledge, a “dinosaur” in his traditional roots, and a “radio” simply switched on to unleash the unstoppable stream of devotional wisdom and insight.

Here Shyamdas recorded Panditji reciting two of a trio of famous stotras in praise of Vallabhacharya, composed by the great philosopher-guru’s son, Shri Gusainji. These are part of many Vaishnavas’ daily pāṭh (recitations) and describe Shri Vallabh’s form (rupa) and qualities (guna). I’ve added the third as well, Sarvottama stotra, which praises Shri Vallabh’s names (nama), as translated by Shyamdas in The Teachings of Shri Vallabhacharya and recited by him in this recording. While living in Jatipura, Shyamdas would daily go downstairs to Shri Gusainji and Shri Girdharji’s baithak, where he would fill Jhariji and recite Sarvottama Stotram. One day he or someone else brought his Tascam recorder down and captured his high-speed recitation. The recorder mysteriously blanks out for just one verse, “Rasa Lila eka tatparya…” but otherwise the stotra is intact.

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Created by: Shyamdas
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Location: Braj
Languages: Sanskrit
Featuring: Panditji Vishnu Shastri, Shyamdas
Refers to: Vallabhashtak, Saptashloki (sphuratkrishnapremamrit), Sarvottama Stotra

Date: ~2001, ~2010

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  • Vallabhashtakam
  • Sphurat-krshna-prem-amritam Stotra
  • Shyamdas Sarvottama Stotram
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