Prasad Project

Jai Shri Krishna! The Shyamdas Foundation invites you to feed holy beings of Braj in Shyamdas’s memory.

About this Project:

Jai Shri Krishna! With the grace and blessings of Shyamdas' guru Shri Milan Goswami and additional inspiration and support from Shyamdas' dear friend, spiritual leader Radhanath Swami, The Shyamdas Foundation has created a program distributing prasad (foods first offered to God) to locals and pilgrims passing by the Mathuradheesh temple, where Shyamdas lived by the side of the Govardhan Hill. Shyamdas' lifelong Indian assistant and friend, Mohan, offered his loving service by handing out the prasad to all who passed by. As Shyamdas LOVED to feed prasad to all people and animals, we aim to continue and expand this service this year, offering various sacred offered food items to all the holy beings (pilgrims, animals, locals and visitors) who pass by, particularly on the high traffic days between ekadashi and the full moon each month.

The Project FAQs

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes! The Shyamdas Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity with federal tax exempt status effective May 2, 2013. Contributions to the Shyamdas Foundation are therefore deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Is this a safe payment method?

Donations are made via paypal, either with a paypal account or a credit card. This is a totally secure payment method, and no one besides paypal has access to donors' payment information.

Can I pay by check?

Sure! Please write 'Prasad' somewhere on the check, made out to The Shyamdas Foundation, and mail to us at:
The Shyamdas Foundation
c/o Marguerite Prentice
18 Ocean Ave.
Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107


Shyamdas LOVED to feed prasad (sacred food offerings) to people and animals. Your gracious donation towards the "Prasad Project" directly provides sacred foods to the holy beings, pilgrims, Braj residents, cows and dogs who pass by Shyamdas' lifelong residence, the Mathuradheesh temple and Shri Gusainji baithak in Jatipura.
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