One of our primary missions is to collect, edit, and preserve Shyamdas’ written and audio works. We are accomplishing this via our digital archive. We invite you to support this bhakti project by browsing the digital archive, submitting your own media files to be catalogued, or donating funds to offset our technology expenses.

Our reforestation project by the Govardhan Hill in India has generated heartfelt support and enthusiasm from around the world. Partnering with the local government Forest Service, we have planted and protected 200 saplings of various species, with tree guards painted with Shyamdas’ and our donor’s names. We hope you will consider planting a tree with us and then coming to visit it!

Our most recent effort, the Prasad Project, provides Krishna-blessed foods to locals and pilgrims passing by the Mathuradheesh temple, where Shyamdas lived by the side of the Govardhan Hill. As Shyamdas loved to feed prasad to all people and animals, we aim to continue and expand this service this year, offering various sacred offered food items to all the holy beings (pilgrims, animals, locals and visitors) who pass by, particularly on the high traffic days between ekadashi and the full moon each month. Your donations to the Prasad Project will nourish and please others while continuing Shyamdas’ legacy as a generous and heartfelt bhakta of Braj.

Hari OM!

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