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Thank you for donating photos/images to the Shyamdas Foundation! We are showcasing photos of Shyamdas and storing them in a stable, organized archive. These inspiring images will be preserved for future bhava-seekers to enjoy even after most of us have lost our passwords, minds, and social media accounts. If you have questions about your files and their use, please contact us.

We love details! Adding metadata (who, what, when, where) and tags prevents photos from getting lost in database land.

Who took it? Identify the photographer of any photos you submit or see in our archive, so that credit will remain with that blessed one.

Single/Multiple file uploads: We encourage single uploads, as it makes for more accurate metadata collection. However, you can upload up to 10 files at once and even zip files. Please share distinct info on each file if possible. Contact us for FTP.

Donating 5+ photos with detailed captions? If so, we can create a “Shyamdas and (you)” annotated gallery for others to explore and cherish Shyamdas’s life through the lens of your unique experiences with him. In most cases, these would be photos that you took, or you are in. Your photos can also be merged into existing galleries.

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