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Purushottama Sahasranama–Govardhan Lila

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This recording begins with a description of Braj, the sacred region of North-central India, and swiftly transitions into the famous Govardhana pastime found within the Shrimad Bhagavatam, wherein 7-year old Krishna lifts the Hill to protect His bhaktas from Indra’s wrath. More crucially, the events that lead up to this amazing climax are meticulously discussed. To remove His bhaktas’ “Anya ashraya” (taking another refuge besides the root), Krishna creates a scenario where they have no other choice but to realize who really gives Indra, the rain god, the power to feed their cows and get their milk for their life’s sustenance. In a jealous rage over his stolen worship, Indra showers torrential rains onto the village. The disaster can only be resolved by a boy who happens to be the Lord of Universe. Shyamdas gives an excellent recollection of this pastime and elaborates on the subjects of worship, liberation, and devotion.

Shyamdas’s unique voice is also captured here as he reflects on Shri Vallabhacharya’s and Shri Gusainji’s expressions within the Pushti Margiya (Grace-filled Path), as well as stories from their day that describe the nature of Shri Nathji’s worship according to the times, the lineage and the nature of the soul.

The recording concludes with a playful discussion about the spring festival of Holi, with various personal anecdotes delightfully recounted.

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Created by: Bholi Sakhi
Edited by: Vallabhdas
Event Name: Purushottama Sahasranama satsang
Featuring: Shyamdas, Mastaram et. al

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  • Purushottama Sahasranama Satsang: Govardhan Lila
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