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Pushti Kirtan Seva: Holi

We are thrilled to share selections from “Pushti Kirtan Seva,” a project which in the 1980s recorded 92 cassette tapes of over 1000 authentic Haveli Sangeet kirtans. The producer, Ravi Prabha Barman of Kolkata, created this as a non-commercial seva, to preserve and share authentic Braj style kirtan. Ravi took extensive permission, advice and blessings for the project both from Shyamdas’ guru, Pratham Peethadheeshwar Goswami Shri Ranchorji Maharaj (Prathameshji), and Saptam Peethadheeshwar Goswami Shri Ghanashyamji Maharaj of Kamvan.

In appreciation of the Shyamdas Foundation’s compatible mission to disseminate materials for learning and listening to kirtan, particularly the “lila kirtan” style that Shyamdas sang, Ravi has donated a set of “Pushti Kirtan Seva” CDs and books to us and has given us permission to freely share the kirtans via our digital archive.

One of the main singers featured in this collection is Hari Vallabh Sharma of Govardhan, who was the temple singer in Mathuradheesh Mandir in Jatipura, where Shyamdas first met his guru and took up residence for much of four decades of his life. Gopi Rasik Tailang, one of Shyamdas’ early kirtan teachers and friends from Gokul, the popular kirtan recording artist Bhagavati Prasad Gandharva of Baroda, Shyamlal Sharma of Varanasi, Haribabu Kaushik of Mathura (sarangi), as well as Vallabhkul gurus Goswami Shri Shyamsundarji of Chaupasani and Goswami Shri Kalyanrayaji of Kamvan (pakahavaj) and others are featured in these priceless recordings.

We encourage anyone with deep interest in these recordings to request a full copy of the CDs and accompanying two kirtan books directly from Ravi and the Samvaliya Mandir in Kolkata (ph: 033-2448-4941) for the extremely reasonable exchange of Rs. 1500 for the full 22 CD set, Rs. 300 for the books, or Rs. 70 per CD, plus shipping.

Click on the “more information” links below the sound player to view poem lyrics in devanagari, roman transliteration and English translation. (Rough translations by Vallabhdas – any suggestions more than welcome!)

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Producer: Ravi Prabha Barman
Edited by: Vallabhdas

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  • Lāla Gupāla Gulāla Hamārī: “Gopal Lal, don’t throw Holi powder in my eyes!”
  • “Ho ho horī khelongī: I will play, ho-ho-Holi!”
  • “Vṛndāvana bansībaṭa ke taṭa: The Jewel of Braj is playing Holi in Vrindavana.”
  • Pītāmbara kājara kahān lagyo: How did you get kohl stains on your shawl?”
  • Neha lagyo mero Syāmasundara son: I’ve fallen in love with gorgeous Shyam
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