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Shyamdas himself arranged for recordings to be made of his teacher and friend, the late Gopi Rasik Tailang, kirtan singer in Gokulnathji’s temple. These rare treasures are the result of Shyamdas’s ethnographic efforts and foresight.  You can often hear the parrots and other birds in Gokul calling out as the singers sing their own refined lila praises of Shri Krishna.

Click on the “more information” links below the sound player to view poem lyrics in devanagari, roman transliteration and English translation. (Rough translations by Vallabhdas – any suggestions more than welcome!)

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Created by: Shyamdas, Meilu Ho
Event Name: Gokul temple kirtan
Location: Gokul
Languages: Brajbhasha
Featuring: Gopi Rasik Tailang
Refers to: Rasa Lila

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  • tatatheī tatatheī tatatā theī theī
  • calo sakhi kunja Gopala jaha: Let’s go, friend, to Krishna’s forest bower
  • banyau rāsa manḍala
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