The Names

Shyamdas had dharmik and funny¬†names for so many people and places. One bhakta from Denmark was “Pushti Viking,” a¬†friend who developed routers for the internet was “Router Devi,” and his son-in-law for some reason was “Happy Couple.” His Uncle Larry got the exalted name of a Pushti author, “Lallu Bhattji.” Manhattan turned into “Maha-atma.” He must have partially developed this habit from his guru Shri Prathameshji, who had renamed the state of Vermont “Romancha”–the state of bliss that makes one’s hair stand on end. Did Shyamdas call you or a nearby place by some special name?

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One comment on “The Names
  1. Shyam called me the ISKCON flunky and my husband Dharmaraj….

    I took them both as a compliment. And he also called me Keli Keli- twice the amount of Lila is better I guess!

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