A Call for Treasures

Shyamdas was like a devotional freight train, moving with as much speed and force. He’s gone from this world, but despite his forever glaring physical absence, Shyamdas still seems to have plenty to say. I came across this today in part of some memoir-like musings he had written to a friend in 2004:

“I am sad to leave this stage, but it is good to exit with a longing. It brings not only a quick return, but a graceful transition, full of sweet remembrance and thanks. These things cannot be planned; they arrive on their own schedule and leave us spellbound. You see the subtle in unexpected places—rare finds that were always before you, but only now are recognized. He has come out of hiding.”

There are many hidden treasures within Shyamdas’s unpublished correspondences, memoirs, translations, and audio recordings. I’m sure many of you out there have some too, in your own collections of digital files, photos, analog tapes, letters, emails, and so on. Do consider sending them our way, if you please. We’d love to preserve and catalog them in our digital archive so they can be enjoyed by other inspired bhava-seekers. Jai Shri Radhe!

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