Shyamdas Recognized in Pushti Publication

Go Shyam cover

Shyamdas enjoyed a very close personal, devotional, and scholarly relationship with Goswami Shyam Manoharji, a Vallabhacharya descendant and guru who is considered to be among the most knowledgeable Sanskritists and philosophers of the Pushtimarg lineage today. They co-translated a few select texts together, and Shyamdas translated and published several of Goswami Shyam’s articles in his Braja Raja newsletter. Goswami Shyam has published a new book of commentaries on Gopaldas’ poetic work Vallabhakhyan, which Shyamdas had previously translated and published in paperback under the title, In Praise of Vallabh.

Goswami Shyam not only wrote loving and laudatory remarks about Shyamdas in his introduction to the book, but also, as we can see in this cover image, gave Shyamdas an extremely honored position as one of the recognized “commentators” on the Vallabhakhyan text. Goswami Shri Milan Baba rightfully considers this gesture on the part of his uncle to be “the highest honor given to Shyamdasji.”

For readers of Hindi, Goswami Shyam’s book is now available as a free pdf, online at

For the record, Goswami Shyam notes in his introduction, with appreciation, that Shyamdas’ circle of friends in America have uploaded a number of youtube videos about Shyamdas worthy of watching!

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