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Yoga Vermont, Halloween 2006

In case there was any doubt…A solidly ecstatic sampling of devotion from Shyamdas, this one recorded (thank you Ramma!) in one of his favorite states to sing in: Vermont. Shyamdas’ bhava was clearly compounded by Alan Arjun Bruggeman (tabla wala extraordinaire of Krishna Das’ choice) and deep Adam Bauer on blissful bass. Both were joining Shyamdas for only the first or maybe second tour together.

The recorder only faintly picks up the gorgeous response vocals of the Vermontians that equally drove Shyamdas, as usual, right over the edge of devotional madness. But it leaves us with an intimate audio experience, as if sitting up close, right next to Shyamdas, Adam and Alan as the three brothers in bhakti playfully feed off each other’s pure improvisation. Radhe Govinda! Around the 26:50″ mark, the last of many peaks of nectar filled recitation, Shyamdas switches entirely to from “Shri” to “Sweet” Radhe, and for good reason.

As the three bhakta-musicians manage to wind their way softly back to earth, Shyamdas speaks a sly, “Good evening,” as if that wasn’t obvious already. “So nice to chant with you all here in the land of bliss, Vermont — a land where the hairs stand on end in ecstasy…We’ve come here to Burlington with the sole intention of just singing kirtan, and celebrating the sacred sounds, names, lilas, and expressions of what is called kirtan. Some people call it nada or sound yoga. You can just call it good fun. You can take it into your heart, and leave it there.”

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Created by: Ramma
Event Name: Yoga Vermont
Musicians: Adam Bauer, Alan Arjun Bruggeman

Date: Oct. 31, 2006

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