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Winter Krishna Lullabies

A Perfect Kirtan @ Kamvan’s Shri Gokulchandramaji temple

During Thanksgiving 2012, Shyamdas, Sacinandan Swami and a group of friends took a pilgrimage to Barsana, visiting the Vallabhacharya baithak, Barsana and Nimbarka temples, and eventually found our way through the mustard fields to the town of Kamvan, where neighboring temples host two famous forms of Krishna: Shri Madan Mohanji and Shri Gokul Chandramaji.

We sat at the feet of Gokul Chandramaji right before the temple doors closed for one last kirtan to our Beloved Lord for the night, in the mood of mana, annoyance in love. The kirtaniya at the Gokul Chandramaji temple has held his position for decades, blessed through his seva with one of the most profound voices I have ever heard. These two songs that the kirtaniya and Shyamdas sang together are traditionally sung in the cold season during the evening hours.

As Shyamdas explains, in the first poem Krishna sends His sakhi (friend), to go tell Radha to forgive Him. Radha retaliates against this tactic, “What? Does He have wet henna on His feet that keeps Him from coming here Himself? Get out of here, go back to Krishna!” The second poem describes how the bed is made beautifully, the room is decorated and warmed to make the cold season feel like summer. The poem ends as the divine couple cover themselves in warm blankets. “The rest,” Shyamdas says, “you have to figure out.”

–Ally Gopi

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Created by: Bholi Sakhi
Location: Kamvan
Languages: Brajbhasha, English

Date: Nov. 30, 2012

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