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The Poems of Rasakhan: Treasure House of Love (2nd ed. forthcoming, 2018)

Rasakhan, a 16th century, Muslim-born, ecstatic Krishna follower, discovered his beloved divinity in this world in the form of Shri Nathji. His spiritual love poems describe Krishna’s adorable childhood antics and ultimate union with the beautiful Radha. Shyamdas felt great affinity with Rasakhan and often cited his poetry in his satsangs. He also recorded two tracks of Rasakhan poems, which can be enjoyed on his CD, Sweet Radhe! This book will be republished soon, with some corrections to the Brajbhasha versions of the poems found at the back of the book.

Effortless Worship

Listen to everyone, but don’t say a word.
In this manner, remain in the world.
Perform your vows and practices with sincerity–
they will carry you across the mind ocean.

Greet all without negativity, and remain
in the illumination of devotional association.

Rasakhan says, “Worship Govinda the way a village woman
balances a water jug upon her head,
with effortless concentration.”

2007, Hardcover

2007 Rasakhan cover


Created by: Shyamdas, David Haberman, Krishna Kinkari
Edited by: Vallabhdas
Languages: English, Brajbhasha

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