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St. Augustine, FL 2012

This was one Florida evening we are fortunate to have on file, thanks to Farlen and Jackie, who organized much of Shyamdas’ Florida tours and were of course there to share in the bliss of this St. Augustine session and mindfully record it for posterity. Shyamdas was absorbed in listening to a Hindi spiritual lecture by Swami Muktananda on the way to the event, which colored his presentation that evening.

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Event Name: St. Augustine Kirtan
Location: St. Augustine, FL
Created by: Farlen Halikman

Date: 2012

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  • Introduction St Augustine
  • Mangalacharan 2 St Augustine
  • Name and Attributes St Augustine
  • Shyama Gori, St. Augustine, FL
  • Surdas jo sukha hoi St Augustine 2012
  • madhurashtakam history St Augustine 2012
  • Madhurashtakam English sample St Augustine 2012
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  • Brahma me dundhya St Augustine 2012
  • muktananda St Augustine
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