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Shyamdas on “In the Spirit” 10/13/11

Gary Goldberg has been airing and supporting kirtan on his radio “In the Spirit” for 16 years and often interviewed Shyamdas. In this interview from Oct. 13, 2011, Shyamdas talks with Gary about the upcoming Bhajan Boats in upstate NY and NYC, and also shares some beautiful insights on “bhav” and “seva.”

“The main thing is to establish the devotional experience within the heart, within one’s self and being. That is called being in the bhav, and that’s what these boat rides are about”

“I do a lot of bhajan events. Something about the Hudson River. Doing bhajan on the Hudson River is a sublime experience.”

“This sublime yogic practice called kirtan is the dharma of the Kali Yuga: it is easy, it is fun, and it is effective.”

If that sounds good, join us for this year’s Bhajan Boat on Sunday, October 25th in Hudson, NY!

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