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Shri Mahaprabhuji Vallabhacharya’s Appearance Day

Vaishakh Krishna 11

Please enjoy this excerpt from Shyamdas’ book Path of Grace (© Sacred Woods, 2009) and below, an audio recording of a Mahaprabhuji Badhai poem from the “Pushti Kirtan Seva” project. We plan to add more sound files in the future!

This is perhaps the most important festival for the lineage and typically occurs in April. Songs in praise of Shri Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya begin two weeks before this day. The very form of Shri Swaminiji, Shri Vallabhacharya manifested upon the earth to uplift divine souls. He taught his disciples to love Shri Krishna in the devotional mood of the gopis of Vrindavan. Shri Acharyaji coupled a pure non-dualist philosophy with divine appreciation and gifted his intimate ones the experience of Shri Krishna’s lila. These are a few of many poems sung during the weeks of celebration leading up to Mahaprabhuji’s appearance day:

Raga Sarang

Shri Vallabhacharya is wearing
a saffron-colored dhoti and shawl.
Tilaks and mudras adorn his body.
He sits at his father, Lakshman’s home; it is his birthday.
From head to toe, his form conveys amazing experience.
His beauty vanquishes a million loves.
He is the zenith of loveliness.
The power of his brilliance is without limit.
Nearby, divine women sing Lila praises.
Padmanabhdas sees Shri Krishna as Vallabh, the Lord of speech.
Those who were there are truly fortunate.

Raga Kanharo

The Lila would become old if Shri Vallabh did not appear;
the earth would become barren.
Everyday, Shri Vallabh’s beauty is new,
like an exceptional jewel set in gold.
Sagunadas sings, “I am a follower of his home.
His glories are sung by the sages.”

Click on the “more information” links below the sound player to view poem lyrics in devanagari, roman transliteration and English translation. (Rough translations by Vallabhdas – any suggestions more than welcome!)

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Producer: Ravi Prabha Barman
Edited by: Vallabhdas

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