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Purushottam Sahasranama: Gopis in Search of Krishna

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An intimate satsang gathering led by Shyamdas and Mastaram, exploring Vallabhacharya’s Purushottama Sahasranama, the 1008 names of Bhagavan Shri Krishna. This section describes the Gopis’ search for Shri Krishna, who has run off alone with Shri Radha into the depths of the Vrindavan forest.

Shyamdas weaves in details from the Shrimad Bhagavatam to explain the Gopis’ various natures, the pride that arises in Radha and makes Krishna disappear, and the song of the Gopis in separation from their Beloved Lord. It concludes with a brief yet rich description of the Rasa Lila dance.

Amidst all of this incredible literature, Shyamdas states hidden meanings that could never be grasped if one just “picks up the Gita Press version” of the Bhagavat. For example, “The order of eligibility in the spiritual realm is destroyed” and every soul who plays is perfected, whether she is sattvic, rajas, tamas or nirguna. Now each and every one of these tendencies is needed to create a symbiotic cry out for God, to try to sway Him to come back into their embrace, and Shyamdas explicitly states how this is done.

This recording is a perfect example of the state that Shyamdas was in all of the time. He was an example of a true Braja rasika, a soul who can drink the nectar of God through his senses, heart and mind. Shyamdas’ access to divine reality is shared in this recording and it gives us a delightful entry point into the world of lila.

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Created by: Bholi Sakhi
Event Name: Purushottama Sahasranama satsang
Location: Mastaram's home
Languages: English, Sanskrit
Featuring: Shyamdas, Mastaram, Sophia Ally Gopi,
Refers to: Purushottama Sahasranam, Shrimad Bhagavatam, Inner Goddess

Date: 07/19/2012

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