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Jivamukti Satsang 10/3/08

Sometimes we are instruments to praise that which is really praising itself”
~ Shyamdas

Hear Shyamdas riffing on various views that we can plug into the kirtan experience, as well as the transformative benefits of absorbing oneself in the primal Being, Narayana.

The Shyamdas Foundation is deeply grateful to Bhaktadas for submitting this recording for us all to enjoy.

“We can channel the actual experience of these [divine] names, because other individuals have experienced it. Whether they are physically around or not, the bhava, the feeling, that they have generated still exists.”

“When the unlimited is remembered, from an individual standpoint, then the individual can simultaneously operate as a personality while connecting to that which was always there and will always be there, the end result of that is–a very good mood. That’s it. I’ve never met a good saint who wasn’t in a good mood.”

“When you name ‘IT’, that’s actually more of a meditative thing where you are trying to forget the small self and merge yourself into the absolute reality. But when you name ‘Him,’ there starts to be a relationship. But when you name ‘Her’ is when the bliss potency arises. When you name ‘Them,’ you get everything. That is why most of these mantras have ‘Them’ in it.”

Shyamdas closeup portrait

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Event Name: Sastsang at Jivamukti
Refers to: Bhagavat Gita, Shamno Mitra, Dina Dayal
Created by: Bhaktadas Alan Haras

Date: October 3, 2008

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  • Satsang at Jivamukti NYC, 10/3/08
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