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Cool Dual

This live, double-disc of sacred chant and devotional teachings documents the quintessential Shyamdas experience. The first disc, a kirtan recorded live at Ananda Ashram, explores and soars in the devotional mood, highlighted by some of the best support vocals of any kirtan CD. In the second disc, satsang, Shyamdas conveys the inner meanings of the chants with scholarly precision, personal experience, and illuminating readings; it includes audio from a satsang at Menla Mountain Retreat with Buddhist scholar Robert Thurman.

Features Tulsi (pakhavaj drum), Tommy Be (kanjira), Adam Bauer (bass), and Ananda Ashram’s Bhakti Immersion Weekend attendees (support vocals). Co-produced by master percussionist Tommy Be, producer of Trance Union and the bestselling Chanting the Chakras.

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Created by: Ramma (Robin Littlefield)
Event Name: Ananda Ashram Bhakti Immersion Weekend
Featuring: Tulsi (pakhavaj drum), Tommy Be (kanjira), Adam Bauer (bass)
Producer: Shyamdas and Tommy Be

Date: 2006

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