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Braja Raja — Vol 1, No 1 (July 1982)

Braja Raja (“The Dust of Braja”) is a monthly newsletter Shyamdas published in the 1980s, featuring excerpts of nectar teachings he composed and translated from numerous conversations, texts and places in time. These sacred words miraculously flowed through Shyamdas’ typewriter and out onto pages that circulated the Northeast and around the world. A stack of extra copies were found collecting dust in the basement of his home in West Camp, NY, and have emerged once again for appreciators of dharma and Shyamdasji’s beloved readers. Another stash of Braja Raja copies was recovered at the home of Ramesh Shastri, a scholar and friend of Shyamdas in Jatipura. If you too have original copies of Braja Raja, please consider submitting them to us so that we can share them with the rest of Shyamdasji’s readers. Through these Braja Raja monthlies we can again revel in the brilliance of Pushti Margiya literature and its foremost translator, Shyamdas, who devoted his life to bringing these works to us. Click here to view the original scanned pdf of Braja Raja 1.1.



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