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Beloved Chants

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A new benchmark in kirtan recordings, essential to any collection of sacred music. This bhava-filled journey through the divine realms blends classical and popular kirtan styles to evoke the divine moods of sweet union and intense separation. Featuring Shyamdas, Krishna Das, John McDowell (piano, African drums), Ty Burhoe (tabla), Steve Gorn (Bansuri flute), Benjy Wertheimer (Esraj), Sharon Gannon (vocals) and authentic devotional musicians from India. Co-produced by Shyamdas and John McDowell, composer of the Born into Brothels soundtrack and acclaimed percussionist of Speaking the Mamma Tongue. Ram Dass calls Beloved Chants, “Very Beautiful.”

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Created by: Shyamdas and John McDowell
Event Name: Beloved Chants
Languages: English, Sanskrit, Brajbhasha
Featuring: SHYAMDAS: Vocals, Harmonium, Recorder JOHN McDOWELL: Piano, Vocals, African drums VOCALS: Krishna Das, Tulsi, Sharon Gannon TABLAS: Ty Burhoe FLUTE: Steve Gorn ESRAJA: Benjy Wertheimer
Producer: Shyamdas and John McDowell
Refers to: Yamunashtakam, Madhurashtakam, Mangalacharan

Date: 2004

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  • Awakening
  • Krishna
  • Ballad of Shyamdas and Krishnadas
  • Shamno
  • Grace Goddess Yamunaji
  • Shyama Gori
  • Song of Sweetness
  • Nathdvara
  • Beloved
  • Arati Kunja
  • Shelter
  • Govinda bolo
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