In Gratitude

We are deeply grateful for the following in-kind donations given to us this year by loving friends of Shyamdas and Foundation supporters:

BookshelfMadhu-ji donated an i-pad to go along with the book cabinet we built in the greeting/prasad room in Jatipura. It plays youtube videos of Shyamdas so that visitors can immediately experience his kirtans when they visit.

Anja Kuehnel donated a fantastic Beats speaker that fills several rooms with the sweet sounds of Shyamdas kirtan played through the i-pad Madhu donated.

On his visit to Braj with Vrajdevi’s India tour, Naresh Mepani became inspired to sponsor this super high-end Canon printer in the memory of his precious daughter Nikita. Their amazing gift helps us to scan old Shyamdas newsletters and photos, print his book manuscripts for editing and proofreading, as well as conduct other essential Foundation business and even print travel tickets for our visiting guests.

PrinterKishor Mepani too became inspired through his brother’s visit and donated to us a truly valuable ongoing item—subscription to his remarkable online program-management system, Web T-cards. This system was invented by a Toyota exec and helps people organize tasks with maximum efficiency.

Ishwari of SRI Kirtan has been spending many hours skillfully digitalizing an extensive collection of tapes which Shyamdas himself recorded in India, featuring lectures, music, and conversations with gurus and saints. We look forward to hearing the fruits of her love labors, once those files have been transmitted, archived and ultimately released.

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