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Shyamdas Stories at Omega: C.C. White and Adam Bauer, ,

Ecstatic Chant 2014 session: CC White and Adam Bauer recall the laughter and tears

Shyamdas Stories at Omega: Deva Premal, Miten, Susan Ryan, , , , ,

Ecstatic Chant 2014 session: Deva and Miten join Shyamdas’s sister Susan Ryan to share stories and memories

Archive Item Shyamdas honored at Omega Ecstatic Chant 2014, , ,

Hari Om! Shyamdas was remembered and honored from the very opening of Omega Ecstatic Chant last night, as Omega co-founder and Shyamdas Foundation board member Stephan Rechtschaffen described Shyamdas’s creative role in this annual event. Stephan also described our Foundation’s

252 Vaishnavas Part 2, , , , , , , ,

The second volume of masterful devotional stories of Shri Gusainji’s disciples

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