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Narada Bhakti Sutras (Gold Series)

Shyamdas’ spoken teachings on the legendary Bhakti Sutras of Narada, later revisited in these published CDs, actually began early that summer as part of his satsang series at the home of Majer and Shari Gold. This is intimate, advanced, deep, hilarious and insightful devotional association at its finest. Shyamdas gathers here with his Woodstock friends (Martin, Srutiram, Ally, Prema, Gary, and others) to share his scriptural insights, personal adventures and humbling learning experiences. Listen and love

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Event Name: Satsang at the home of Shari and Majer Gold
Featuring: Martin Brading, Prema, Ally Gopi, Srutiram, Shari, Majer
Musicians: Martin Brading (pakhavaj)

Date: May 2012

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  • Narada Gold 1
  • Narada Gold 2
  • Narada Gold 3
  • Narada Gold 4
  • Narada Gold 5
  • Narada Gold 6
  • Narada Gold 7
  • Narada Gold 8
  • Narada Gold 9
  • Narada Gold 10
  • Narada Gold 11
  • Narada Gold 12
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